Brainstorming the noir balkan ideas (30.09.2020)
with Bogdan Hrib , Vasilis Danellis, Yannis Ragos , Marko Popovic
Balkans peninsula is full of “noir” ideas common to all balkans countries.
Four noir balkan writers try to find together
the  idea ,  the story, the decor,  the plot, the characters
to start developping a balkan touch glocal tv series (local and global)

From the ideas to the tv series script treatment
with Bogdan Hrib , Vasilis Danellis, Yannis Ragos , Marko Popovic
Four noir balkan writers open up the doors of their writersroom
to show how they are group developing a tv series treatment
based on a balkan noir “case”

From the novel to the tv series (01.10.2020)

Ingrid Desjours, a french novelist and screenwriter reveals her
personal writing and screenwriting handbook
based on her adaptation of her own novel “Tout Pour Plaire”
into a successufull tv mini series.

When a coroner meets a profiler (01.10.2020)
With Pavlos Pavlidis & Ingrid Desjours
How much close are a coroner and a profler
during an investigation case?
Whar are their roles, their tools, their skills, their understanding
for the resolution of a case?

The Last Balkan Master: screening and discussion (02.10.2020)
with François Sauvagnargues
Focus to a  balkan content tv series interbational coproduction
produced and broadcasted by the european tv station ARTE.
François Sauvagnargues former ARTE Fiction Department Director
recalls the genealogy of this unique audiovisual project
still hot topic for both balkan broadcasters and spectators.

From the script to the novel: Our Son (02.10.2020)
with Vangelis Bekas
What happens when a novelist
transforms a  series script to a novel?
How a novelist can manage the cross-writing?
Similarities and differences in the methodology of writing
a novel and a script in a synchronous  or/and  asynchronous  way.

The recipe for a good tv adaptation (02.10.2020)
with Ingrid Desjours and Vangelis Bekas
Two european creators, from France and Greece,
share their experiences, secrets and recipes
as novelists and screenwriters

Producing with Netflix & HBO (04.10.2020)
with Nebosja Taraba
How a croatian producer  becomes a successful producer
for a world known video contents producer and broadcast platform (Netflix)
and a legendary tv series american giant pay  television network (HBO)?
Is there any career success path type for balkan producers?
What does it mean to work for american broadcasters?
Is it possible to produce balkan glocal tv series
able to compete with international standard scripted fiction
such as british, german, spanish, nordic, french, italian or israeli ones?

Talking about “Anaparastasi” (Theo Angelopoulos movie shot in Zaghori)
Would it be possible to remake it into tv series?

with Thanasis Valtinos (03.10.2020) – access free