Call for 2nd Zagori Fiction Days
Books into Tv series
scripts, pilots & music contest
on FilmFreeway
04 aug- 26 Sept 2021

Series Screenplay Pilot Contest 
Any adapted or original screenplay based on a novel for an already or ready-to-go tv series pilot episode of a length of 15-20 min οr 45-60 min.

Tv Series Pilot Contest 
A ready-to-go tv series pilot episode adapted from a book at any stage of the series production. The episode can be from 15-20 to 45-60 min long.

Music Remake Tv Series Pilot Contest
A music composition to accompany the first episode of the movie serial La Maison du Mystère directed by Alexander Volkoff
Series Balkans & Epekeina Hora are launching on Film Freeway the 2nd Zagori Fiction Days- international encounters focused on books into tv series
to be hold , in Vitsa, Zagori, Epirus Greece from 29 sept to 3 oct. 2021.

Submission terms
ZFD accept submissions from :
* (script & pilots ) writers, screenwriters, publishers, broadcasters, plateforms, showrunners, producers, directors, film tv school students coming from all over the world

* (music remake of old tv series) composers, musicians, sound designers, music producers, music schools, film tv school students, conservatories of music, university music studies departments, coming from all over the world
* Submitted scripts & pilots must have been written or produced in 2019 & 2020

* Submitted music remakes of old series & pilots adapted from books must have been written or produced in 2019 & 2020

Scheduling / programming
ZFD will take place on 29-30 sept, 01-02-03 oct 2021
However ZFD reserves the right to make any necessary changes in event scheduling or programming. 

Selected scripts, pilots & music remakes will be presented and screened during ZFD week encounters. The three finalists – 1 script , 1 pilot, 1 music remake – will be awarded packages of services, professional lobbying and a 1 week séjour in the Estate of Epekeina Hora

Scripts & pilots contest
Pilot genres, formats, subtitles
ZFD accept scripts and pilots adapted from novels subtitled in english of the following genres :

(TV) Adventure / crime / drama / comedy / action / horror / Science- Fiction / Fantasy/

– Full-length (quarter-hour, half-hour, hour-long.) 
– Put pilots, unsold, unaired, burned off
– Pilots in progress

Written pilot presentation
Pilot’s presentation file must include :
– a synopsis of the first three episodes,
– a scripted scene,
– a note of intent giving the state of development so far, the desired development and the type of collaboration sought, as well as an approximate budget,
– a presentation of the series’ team (with the project leader’s detailed CV).

Video pilots & music remake contest specifications
Pilots have to be subtitled in English.
Music remake composition files must include 1 WAV or MP3 file

Submission Rules and Guidelines 

  • Entrants can submit to the ZFD FilmFreeway platform more than one series script, pilot adapted from book.
  • Entrants should authorise ZFD to have access to their pilots screening on Vimeo, Youtube or DailyMotion.
  • Awards and Official Selections are based on overall merits of the series pilots and are at the sole discretion of the jury and programming committee.
  • The preselection and selection ZFD committee’ and jury’s decisions are final.
  • Seriesmakers selected will be contacted by ZFD two weeks prior to the screenings. 
  • Seriesmakers selected will assume eventual shipping costs of off-line screening copy and promotional material to the ZFD
  • Please do not send press kits. If your series script, pilot, music remake is selected ZFD will contact you if we need press materials .
  • All responses by ZFD will be made by email & via FilmFreeway platform 
  • By submitting your series script, pilot, music remake to ZFD via FilmFreeway you agree that you have read, understood, and agree to all the afore mentioned rules and guidelines.